Thursday, September 8, 2016

When Real Life and Scrapbooking isn't always sunshine and flowers!

When you are a scrapbooker, sometimes, you just have to document a not-so-pleasant life experience.  I have never been one of those "Book of Me" scrapbookers, documenting every internal or personal struggle I have ever experienced.

But I truly believe major life events should be documented and I felt compelled to tell this story through scrapbooking...

I think my short, succinct journaling really tells the story.

And I am so very thankful for a sister that understands the importance of photos to document ALL life events, the importance of photos that are as flattering as possible and a sister that will ask your surgeon to take a photo of the tumor he is about to remove (should be noted, surgeon DID take photo, and that photo is included on the flap above the hidden journaling!)

We should all, always remember, ART HEALS.

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Penny said...

Great layout, wow at the tumor! Penny