Saturday, September 29, 2018

I need a nurse - STAT! (Zombie Swap 2018)

It’s that time of year.... Val’s Annual Zombie Swap.  Cute, creepy and fun — I am always blown away by the crafty talents of the participants.  This year’s theme was “Employable Zombies” and I received amazing Nurse Josie.....  wouldn’t you love to see her stagger into your hospital room...

The details are amazing!

The nurse shoes are perfection!

And of course, the wonderful little "tuck ins".....

I am mesmerized by this hand made pumpkin!
Thank you, Debbie Walter for a true work of zombie art!

My working girl will be arriving at her new home shortly.... can't wait to share!

Reel Girl's Animal House

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Create a Beautiful Butterfly Card for Any Occasion

Hello and welcome to the blog today.

I have created this beautiful butterfly card that can be used for any occasion - give as shown, or add a banner with a sentiment.  Make up several at time so you're ready for any card giving situation.

To make this card, I used:

My card making must haves:
Paper and dimensions:
  • Card base - Smooth White Cardstock cut to 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 folded in half
  • Yellow Textured Cardstock (Bazzill) cut to 4 x 5-1/4
  • Smooth White Cardstock cut to 3-3/4 x 5
  • Scraps of Smooth White CS and Textured Yellow CS for Die Cuts
Everything else:
Now let's make it!
  • Using the Butterflies Die, cut butterflies from white and yellow cardstock - set aside
  • Emboss 3-3/4 x 5" White CS
  • Ink edges of embossed CS and Yellow Card stock
  • Using Best Glue Ever, adhere embossed CS to yellow CS and adhere this stack to card base *remember, a little dab will do ya with Best Glue Ever!
  • Attach Diamond Dew Drop to body of large white butterfly.  The No-Clog Writing Cap allows you add a controlled amount of  BGE in tiny spaces and Embellie Gellie makes picking up placing tiny embellishments a cinch!
  • Attached large white butterfly to yellow butterfly (applying BGE to center of butterfly bodies only to allow them to have movement!)
  • Attach your butterflies to upper 1/3 of your card
  • Next, apply Pearl Dew Drops to the embossed flowers - Embellie Gellie is a remarkable medium that allows you pick up and place embellishments - it's a must for card making!
  • As a final touch, my hand made cards always receive this stamp on the back

This simple card design can truly be used for any occasion!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - have a creative week!


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Altered Paper Clip Challenge at ScraPerfect - Accept the Challenge for a Chance to Win!

Hello and Welcome Crafty Peeps!

In honor of Earth Day, ScraPerfect is running an altered paper clip challenge with a chance to win AMAZING products from ScraPerfect - get all the details on Amy's Post to ENTER and grab your coupon for FREE SHIPPING.

Here is my take on the challenge:

Another view:

Great little project for using up bits & pieces and scraps.  These clips are perfect to add to scrapbook layouts, cards, journals and planners.

I've had the journaling tickets and cool metal tassels FOREVER in my stash - this was the perfect project to dig them out!

Best Glue Ever never fails me in crafting for all kinds of surfaces and mediums. From my delicate antique book page butterflies to the clear acrylic Dew Drops  and metal embellishments - BGE is my "go to" glue (and the No Clog Writing Cap allows me use just right amount and apply it with precision!)

Check out the ScraPerfect blog everyday for a different take on this challenge - and join in! Be sure to leave a comment naming the ScraPerfect product you would love to win!

This blog post has all the details you need to get free shipping on any order and how to enter the challenge:

Celebrate Earth Day with FREE S/H ~ WIN a PRIZE!

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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Robin's Nest - Making Creativity Easy with Unique Products

Hello and welcome to my blog today!

Today I am sharing some recent crafty projects I have created using products from The Robin's Nest

I so enjoy designing and working with The Robin's Nest line of products -- there is simply no creative project that cannot be made better with the addition of Dew Drops!  I love these little bits of color and sparkle!

Head on over to The Chattering Robin's Blog for full length tutorials and videos for creating scrapbook layouts, cards, ATC's and a myriad of altered items and home decor

Harry Potter ATC created with Flame Card Kit

Treat Box and Card gift set created with a Friendship Wrap, Robin's Nest Papers, and "Straw"
Magnetic Bookmark using CanvaStock
Fun & Easy Coaster Valentines with a Treat
Dew Drop embellished terra cotta pot
"Crib Cards" a special project for the babies in the NICU at our local hospital

Treat box created from a bathroom tissue roll

Thanks for stopping by - have a creative week!


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Toadstool Ornaments have arrived!

I received my package of "Holiday Toadstool" Christmas ornaments today.  And I am once again blown away by the creativity!

Many thanks to the talented women who created these small works of art!  Already looking forward to next year's exchange!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Toadstool Ornaments - Paper Mache How-To

Well, the 2016 Ornament Swap hosted by Val at Yarnigras is wrapped up and boxes full of handmade ornaments are en route all over the country.

I cannot wait to receive my package and see what my fellow swappers / crafters have dreamed up for this year's theme of "Holiday Toadstools".

As for myself, I had a couple ideas started and scrapped.... and finally decided on paper mache (I cannot type the words paper mache without hearing Woody Harrelson saying "PAY-pee-err MAshay" on Will & Grace - - anyone else remember that episode?)

I was so pleased with how they turned out -- just a little rustic with some bling -- like me!

And here is how I created them:

You will need:
  • Tin Foil
  • Toothpicks
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Old book pages or newspaper, torn into strips
  • a decopauge or gel medium for sealing (I used Omni Gel that I picked up at Michael's -- highly recommend!)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Round Stencil Dauber
  • Eye Screw (for hanging)
  • Baker's Twine
  • Hemp Twine
and here's how to do it....

First you need to make your paper mache form..
  • tear off a piece of tin foil about 12 - 14", place a toothpick in one corner (this will give your stem support) and start rolling inward.  After a few rolls, fold and crunch and slightly tear foil to create your stem and then crunch foil into toadstool cap shapes - your form should be one continuous piece - - there is no perfect toadstool!  Every toadstool form I made is completely different! Thick caps, flat caps, misshapen caps - they will ALL look good!

Once your forms are ready, it's time to mix your paper mache medium.
  • Mix 1 Cup Flour and 1 Cup Water with an immersion blender to create a thin watery paste.  This amount was enough to create 12 toadstools which each measured 4 - 5" tall with caps measuring from 2" to the size of my palm.
**crafter's note:  wash your immersion blender IMMEDIATELY  once this paste hardens, it is like cement!!
  • Dip your torn pages into paper mache batter and start covering your tin foil form.  I used about 3 layers to cover. (and again, wash your bowl immediately when finished!!)

**crafter's note:  I wear latex gloves for this process - - you should have a box of latex gloves in your kitchen and craft room!!  They are so cheap and are really a crafter's best friend!!

  • Let your pieces dry thoroughly.  WOW - - 24 hours later, my pieces were still SOPPING WET!  I didn't have time for this non-sense!  I put the dryer rack in my front loading dryer and placed my pieces on top - - 2 cycles of 40 minutes on high - - cement hard shapes!

  • Now we start painting!  For my base, I used Delta Chalky White Acrylic Paint - - this is my "go to" white paint for crafting projects. 
**crafter's tip:  For my next paper mache project, I will use a lighter coat of white and let the printing on the book pages show through
  • Now paint the caps a bright, crimson red.  After the red paint is dry, use a round stencil dauber to add white dots to your toadstool cap.  
  • Let dry
  • Brush entire toadstool with Omni Gel Medium (or other gloss/matte medium of your choice) and let dry 
  • Once dry, brush another coat of Omni Gel Medium on toadstool cap.
  • Immediately pour an iridescent glitter all over cap of toadstool (I used Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Chunky Glitter -- best glitter I have EVER used!  LOVE IT!!!)
  • The Omni Gel medium really tones down the color of the paint and makes a great adhesive for the glitter.
  • Once glitter has dried, twist an eye screw into top of toadstool and use a combo of bakers twine and hemp twine as a hanger.
Thanks so much for checking out my project today!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Talavera Inspired Gourd Birdhouse

I have created this pottery inspired gourd birdhouse with the help of ScraPerfect

Full "how to" on the ScraPerfect blog today