Monday, September 12, 2016

"Scrap Free Scrapbooking" - a great tool for your scrapbooking arsenal!

I purchased the eBook "Scrap Free Scrapbooking" by Jennifer Priest and believe it is one of the most awesome tools in my scrapbooking arsenal!

The book contains sets of cutting patterns and sketches along with examples of finished layouts. Simply choose a cutting pattern based on the number of layouts you want to create and get started. And get this, the cutting patterns use EVERY BIT of your paper - - NO SCRAPS!!

When I first looked at the book, I thought my creativity might be stifled - - I was so WRONG!  I was able to switch pieces between sketches, embellish and journal and really let my crafty voice be heard. I was also able to cut out and glue down 5 layouts in 1 day - - I have witnesses! Of course, doing the embellishments took me a bit longer....

The examples I am sharing were made with 10 sheets of paper from the "Good Dog" collection by Imaginisce

I am currently getting ready for big retreat and you can bet, "Scrap Free Scrapbooking" will be going with me!

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Penny said...

Love that you did this with only 10 sheets. I love frugal scrapbooking.