Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome Helmar Blog Hoppers!

Welcome Holiday Hoppers! You should be here after visiting the amazing Laura Achilles blog (

Well, I know you have already seen a lot of incredible projects in this blog hop, here is my holiday own version of the 12 days of Christmas ( a mini advent calendar) ...12 days of activities that mean something to our famliy.

I stapled chicken wire to a frame to create my bullentin board. (After the holidays, this will serve as a daily bullentin board)

Plastic name badges became my calendar "pages" and the badges are stuck to my bulletin board using silver clothes pins from Canvas Home Basics.

I used Elles Studio Holiday Numbers adhered to the plastic name badges with Helmar Premium Craft Glue.

I used Best Creations Glitterd Cardstock (have you worked with this glittered cardstock? IT IS A-MAZING!) and on the back side of the glittered cardstock, I adhered regular white cardstock with my 12 days of Christmas activities (using Helmar Acid Free).

From here, you should be hopping on over and being really inspired by our own Amy Teets - She always rocks my scrappy world!

Thanks for stopping by today!

If you leave a comment, please leave a note about your own family traditions during the holidays!