Friday, September 23, 2016

Eat, Drink & Be Scary! More Halloween Decor.....

This weekend I am up on The Chattering Robin's Blog with a paper mache box from Michael's made into a cute stash for Halloween treats...

Stop by the blog for the complete step by step!


Have a crafty weekend!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Packing for a Crop / Retreat - Part 1 of 3

At the end of this month, I will be flying from California to Wisconsin to meet with some of the best friends a girl could have and attend  a remarkable craft retreat at The Manor in Walworth Wisconsin.

I have said it before... it was only going to be a one time thing at this location.... but we fell in love with The Manor and with Karen & Ed.  And this is the place we choose to fly in from all over the country to meet and scrap and craft every year.

Do you see that round room with all the french doors /windows?  That's where I will be sitting and scrapping.

My biggest drain every year is TRYING TO PACK FOR THIS CROP!  I usually leave during the week, after working heinous overtime hours to make sure my desk & job tasks are all caught up - - so there is no time for last minute craft packing!

I have decided to create the ULTIMATE SCRAP / CROP RETREAT CHECKLIST for packing.  

And it will be available here on my blog, in printable PDF form later this week!

So check back!


Monday, September 12, 2016

"Scrap Free Scrapbooking" - a great tool for your scrapbooking arsenal!

I purchased the eBook "Scrap Free Scrapbooking" by Jennifer Priest and believe it is one of the most awesome tools in my scrapbooking arsenal!

The book contains sets of cutting patterns and sketches along with examples of finished layouts. Simply choose a cutting pattern based on the number of layouts you want to create and get started. And get this, the cutting patterns use EVERY BIT of your paper - - NO SCRAPS!!

When I first looked at the book, I thought my creativity might be stifled - - I was so WRONG!  I was able to switch pieces between sketches, embellish and journal and really let my crafty voice be heard. I was also able to cut out and glue down 5 layouts in 1 day - - I have witnesses! Of course, doing the embellishments took me a bit longer....

The examples I am sharing were made with 10 sheets of paper from the "Good Dog" collection by Imaginisce

I am currently getting ready for big retreat and you can bet, "Scrap Free Scrapbooking" will be going with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Journaling on the fly with your smart phone and Selphy printer!

I know we are SUPPOSED to hand write on our scrapbook layouts .... but frankly, when I journal on a page, I journal A LOT and need to get a lot of words to fit in a small space.  That's why I really prefer computer generated journaling on a layout.

In the past, when I have attended scrap retreats and crops, my journaling was left off to finish when I returned home.  And then the layouts sat in a pile for quite a while (I believe I still have a stack next to me right now).

But I have discovered a great technique for journaling on the fly using my smart phone and Selphy printer!

To create a journaling card, you will need the following:

Smart Phone
Canon Selphy Printer 
Internet Connection
Rhonna Designs Photo App for your Smart Phone 

And here is the "HOW TO":

Open your Rhonna Designs App and choose the "idea" icon to the far left
Choose the background for your journaling (and there are SO MANY fabulous ones to choose from!)

You will have options for size and orientation along the bottom
Choose the "T" in upper left corner to choose your text / font

 Use your phone keyboard to type your journaling

Now add some graphics

Now choose the share button
And there's your print button - - your Selphy should automatically pop up & you are now printing your journaling!

Trim to your liking and slap it on your layout!  I feel so liberated being able to computer journal on the fly!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scrapbooking your vacation.. how long should it take?

I will be the first to admit (and all of my scrappy friends will agree) that I am the world's slowest scrapbooker.

When I go to weekend retreats, people around me are finishing 10, 20, 30 layouts.  If I finish 5 in a weekend -- well I am thrilled and I'm okay with it.  I really love the process of creating a page.

In August of 2013, I went on an INCREDIBLE 10 day trip to London and Scotland with my mom and uncle.  It was an amazing experience.

And here we are in 2016.  I am 18 layouts in and still working on the album (of course, I hopscotch around with my scrapbooking, whatever photo captures my fancy on any particular day is the one I will work on!)

The word "chronological" is NOT in my scrappy vocabulary!  So my answer to "how long should it take?" is "as long as it takes".

You might wonder how I can remember all the little details from my trip - - one trick I used - everyday I mailed a postcard home with details on what we did that day.  Not only do I have ready made journaling, but the postcards with their postmarks and stamps are becoming part of my scrapbook.
So remember, don't ever compare yourself to any other crafter or scrapbooker - - there is no "right way"!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Nevermore - - Halloween is coming!

It's really almost here... Halloween!  I am back with another mini canvas using The Robin's Nest products

To get the full "how to" head on over to The Chattering Robin's blog today!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

When Real Life and Scrapbooking isn't always sunshine and flowers!

When you are a scrapbooker, sometimes, you just have to document a not-so-pleasant life experience.  I have never been one of those "Book of Me" scrapbookers, documenting every internal or personal struggle I have ever experienced.

But I truly believe major life events should be documented and I felt compelled to tell this story through scrapbooking...

I think my short, succinct journaling really tells the story.

And I am so very thankful for a sister that understands the importance of photos to document ALL life events, the importance of photos that are as flattering as possible and a sister that will ask your surgeon to take a photo of the tumor he is about to remove (should be noted, surgeon DID take photo, and that photo is included on the flap above the hidden journaling!)

We should all, always remember, ART HEALS.

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