Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting my free time back....

With the ending of the regular NFL season (which means no more football pool!) and a change in jobs, I am getting my free time back!

I have been focusing on really learning my camara (Canon Rebel Xti) and taking better pictures. Colleen's family gave me an online photo class for Christmas through Perfect Picture School of Photography ( on Pet Photography, and I am absolutely LOVING IT!

Colleen, mom and I met with a group of photogs from the San Diego Photo Forum website last week for a group shoot in Old Town and Presidio Park. I took along Copper to use as a model for my first class assignment - natural light.

I have also started scrapbooking again! Completed my first layout since November! That's the longest I have EVER gone. Glad to be back at it and I will be adding a slide show here with my favorite layouts.

CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Winter is coming up in Anaheim at the end of this month - I look forward to getting all the inside scoop from my friend Tracy who will be manning the Helmar Adhesive Booth (check out their blog-the designers are fab!)

Well, there's my quick update for now! If you are a turtle-lover, check back in the next day or so - - I just went on a shopping spree at PetSmart today (shhh! don't tell my husband!)& will be posting some pics of Sheldon the Wonder Turtle and his tank.

Love that little guy!

Thanks for stopping by!